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Image of Qodèxx

"Test the boundaries of the medium with [these] distinctive glyphs and forms!"--Charles Hatfield, author of "Alternative Comics: An Emerging Literature" and "Hand of Fire: The Comics Art of Jack Kirby."

Abstract, asemic comics as you like them! Take a six-chapter excursion along with Q (character? symbol? mcguffin?) through six different graphic graphic environments. Watch as various visual elements are introduced, explored, and absorbed. Wait, is that a hint of narrative on the next page? It almost seems like it could be...

Each cover of Qodèxx is individually re-marked. No two are the same!

2017. 68 pages, 4.25" x 5.5", b&w interior, cardstock cover, staple-bound. Third printing.

During check-out, please indicate if you'd like your comic signed and/or personalized.

Note to customers outside the USA: My apologies for the outrageous shipping rates (USD$10.00 Canada, USD$14.00 elsewhere), but that's what the US Postal Service charges...

Special Soundtrack Offer! Yes, this book has a soundtrack, by musicians Brian Cremins & Allison Felus! To purchase the soundtrack to Qodèxx (download and CD), or a book/CD bundle, visit Brian Cremins' Bandcamp page!